Sewn & Quilted Home Goods FAQ


How do I take care of quilts?

Do not overwash them. Only wash when absolutely necessary. Our quilts are made of 100% cotton fabrics (unless noted otherwise) and a cotton/poly blend of batting (unless otherwise noted). We suggest washing by hand or on gentle cycle with gentle bleach-free detergent. Use of color catcher sheets (available in the laundry section by stain removers) is recommended especially with bright colors. Dry on low in dryer or air dry if able. Drying in dryer may shrink your quilt a bit, but it also gives it a more vintage look. I usually dry in dryer for 30 minutes and let them air dry to finish.

How should I store my quilt?

Quilts need air so please store them in a chest that is not airtight or in a pillowcase. Take them out occasionally and refold it to help avoid fold lines.

How do I care for smaller quilted home goods?

See instructions for quilts, but note that we recommend hand-smoothing after washing and air dry them. I use pant hangers and clip them up to air dry in our laundry room.


Updated March 28, 2021