Soaps & Lotions FAQ


How should I keep a bar of soap so it will last longer?

In the shower, try to keep the soap in a spot where it isn’t getting wet all the time. It is also recommended to use a soap dish that allows air to circulate around the bar.


 Why does my bakery scented soap turning brown?

Most of these scents have vanilla in them and the heat created by the chemical reactions that make oils turn into soap turn the soap brown.


 What is this white powdery substance on the top of the soap bar?

This harmless substance is called soda ash. It is only cosmetic and will wash away in a use or two.


How come this soap looks different from the last time I purchased it?

Our soaps are handmade and hand cut in small batches. Although we usually try to be consistent, it’s not easy duplicating the swirls and or colors. Soaps may also vary in size.


Can we place a custom order?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that there is a six week lead time due to the time it takes for soap to cure and ship. You must also purchase a minimum of 4 bars of your requested scent. Please email us for any questions.




What is the difference between cream lotion and body butter?

While both are very moisturizing and feel great on yout skin, the body butter is more concentrated and may take longer to absorb. We use the cream lotions in the summer and the body butter during cold weather when our skin needs a little more TLC.


Updated March 28, 2021